New Year Edition timing December 30 2018

[[UPDATE: New Year Editions orders will ship on Jan 8 and 9!]]

I had been patting myself on the back this Fall when I had initiated the process of producing the annual batch of New Year Edition journals a month earlier than I ever had before. In the past these books were just barely ready in time for the New Year, and getting them shipped was a stressful, rushed process that, in one of those years, involved driving to the post office at the airport an hour away late in the evening to get them on their way.

My self-congratulations this year were premature, however. Delays in the process have led the production to not only not finish early but to be later than ever before! ARGH!

I believe that I will be able to ship during the week of 12/31 (though probably not ON 12/31). When I have more specific information I'll update this post.
Meanwhile, if you can tolerate the later-than-ideal shipping, I do suggest ordering as soon as possible; it is a limited batch and they usually sell out fairly quickly.

Model Book of Calligraphy November 10 2017

There were some pretty seriously flexible nibs involved here: The Model Book of Calligraphy.

What beautiful illustrations, too.

Check out the whole page at the link above.


Woman Aims to Write A Million Letters July 23 2017

Click here for a BBC story about a woman who is 4000 letters into her million-letter goal.

And sometimes I think I am too busy to keep up with my correspondence! Is she inspiring or daunting?

One More Reason For Paper July 18 2017

I acknowledge that many research datasets are too large or complex to be sensibly committed to paper, but the article below reinforces some advantages of paper—there is no digital decay!

Article from The Atlantic:

Most Scientific Research Data From the 1990s Is Lost Forever

A Resurgence in Book Design June 23 2017

See this article about, among other things, how differentiating print books from electronic counterparts has sparked a resurgence is book design:

The Guardian: How Real Books Have Trumped EBooks

I'm sure that visitors to this website understand the difference that paper makes!

An excerpt from the article linked above:

"It’s hard to know whether to read these books or caress them.

Book covers looked very different a decade ago when the appearance of e-readers seemed to flummox a publishing industry reeling from the financial crisis and Amazon’s rampant colonisation of the market. Publishers responded to the threat of digitisation by making physical books that were as grey and forgettable as ebooks. It was an era of flimsy paperbacks and Photoshop covers, the publishers’ lack of confidence manifest in the shonkiness of the objects they were producing.
But after reaching a peak in 2014, sales of e-readers and ebooks have slowed and hardback sales have surged. The latest figures from the Publishing Association showed ebook sales falling 17% in 2016, with an 8% rise in their physical counterparts. At the same time, publishers’ production values have soared and bookshops have begun to fill up with books with covers of jewel-like beauty, often with gorgeously textured pages. As the great American cover designer Peter Mendelsund put it to me, books have “more cloth, more foil, more embossing, page staining, sewn bindings, deckled edges”.

We're Not the Only Ones Who Appreciate Paper March 15 2017

Here's an article in The Guardian about how eBooks are loosing ground to print books. Even among young readers "62% of 16- to 24-year-olds preferred print books to ebooks".

"Readers committed to physical books can give a sigh of relief, as new figures reveal that ebook sales are falling while sales of paper books are growing – and the shift is being driven by younger generations."

Digital products have their place, but so does paper.


Notebook of King James Bible team member identified October 20 2015

Here is something for all of us notebook enthusiasts:

"Gordon Campbell, a fellow in Renaissance studies at the University of Leicester and a consultant for the planned Museum of the Bible in Washington, said the new manuscript shed fresh light on how the King James translators actually did their work, as opposed to how they had been told to do it."

See photos as:

(If you are not a subscriber to the New York Times digital edition they will let you read, I think, ten articles per month.)

Boston area—Commonwealth Pen Show, Sept. 20, 2015 September 11 2015

I'll be in Somerville for the show on Sept. 20!

Retroactive Price reduction for early purchasers of Large, B5 notebooks. December 29 2014

*Explanation of the Retroactive Discount for Previous Purchasers

This information was emailed to existing customers on Dec. 29, 2014.

If you purchased one or more of these journals before Dec 29, 2014 at their original price, I will adjust the payment on your next order so that your total journal cost will be as if this lower pricing had been in effect from the beginning! Have no regret for being an early adopter. Please just mention in the comments section of your order for a B5 journal that you are a previous purchaser of a B5-size journal and that you would like to combine your past and present quantities for the more-than-one price break. If your total quantity is 3 or more this is a 20% price drop. This offer is only on your next order that includes a B5-size journal.  Example: Let's say that you purchased a B5 journal in the past at the $44 original price and that you order another B5 journal today. The new lower pricing for two journals is $73.50; you already paid $44 in the past; so the price for today's journal would be $29.50! My website is not set up to automatically check for past purchases, so you will need to make a note in the comments field asking me to modify the charge on your order. Shipping charges on the new order will remain what they would be without the retroactive discount. This will involve a lot of book-keeping for me, so let me emphasize that this retroactive offer is only good on your next order that includes one or more B5 journals—not on orders after that. If your next order is for pads, loose sheets, or small journals, you may still take advantage of the retroactive offer later when you do order more large journals.

More nice reviews! November 22 2013

There's a new website for fountain pen enthusiasts: I would describe it as a clearinghouse of information about and sources for products of interest to pen people.

They've posted an enthusiastic review of my products. Take a look their new and growing website.