Seconds—A Sale on Slightly Imperfect Items


Sold Out

I have small supply of second-quality, slightly damaged Tomoe River Paper journals that are quite usable. They had been set aside for my own use, but the pile has gotten larger than I will need for some time, so I am offering them here at about 1/3 off the regular price. Those of you who don't mind the imperfections will get a nice bargain on a very pleasurable writing experience.

I expect that these "seconds" will sell out fairly quickly, so don't put off your order if you are interested.

The damage varies from book to book, but in most cases it involves paper crimped in a manner such as is caused by the thumbs of some people's magazine-reading technique. I've tried to show this in the photographs. The imperfection is hard to capture, but with a very low light angle I got it as best I could. I suspect that many users cause "dings" of this sort, themselves, as they use their journals. These have been "pre-dinged" for you!
In a few cases the only damage is a single leaf that is folded or badly wrinkled. In a few others there is a small smear of transparent glue on the cover. One or two have slightly discolored covers.
The bindings are all completely sound and secure.

All of the seconds offered are serviceable, and in most cases you might not even notice the damage at a glance—my family says that I am crazy for rejecting most of them as first-quality books; but these books have imperfections that would annoy me if I were a customer, so I am offering them at a discount.

All of these "seconds" are offered on an as-is, non-returnable basis, but I am confident that you will be satisfied if you don't mind a slightly imperfect book.

The next batch of first-quality books will be available soon.
I wish you pleasurable writing!


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