Seasonal Items December 15 2017

A few quick announcements about seasonal or special items:

1) Tonight (Dec. 15) I have listed Amatruda Christmas Cards and boxed sets of blank flat cards for sale. If you order before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time Wednesday Dec. 20 I will get your Amatruda order out in that day's U.S. Priority Mail.

A friend to whom I had sent a letter on Amatruda paper gave this unrequested evaluation in his reply: "That paper is luscious!". Indeed it is.

The Cartiera Amatruda is an Italian mill with roots in the Middle Ages. I suspect that Hogwart's acceptance letters are written on Amatruda stationery. All of their products have a deckle-edge and a cloth-like limpness. 




2) Red Tomoe River Journals: I have a few of my larger, B5 Tomoe River Paper journals with red covers instead of my usual blue. They are identical to my usual books in every way except the color of the covers (red) and the headbands (blue).

Again, inventory is low. If people are eager for this color variation I will make more after the start of the new year.



3) New Year Edition: In about a week I will start to take orders for this year's batch of New Year Edition Tomoe River Paper journals. This is a seasonal offering that is just like my standard A5-size journals but with a higher page-count (374) so that you can have a page for each day of the year. Watch


May you all have many reasons for writing a thank-you note!